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Explore how Aluminium Shopfronts has helped businesses enhance their storefronts with our customised aluminium solutions.

Here are some detailed case studies showcasing our work and the impact we’ve made on our clients’ businesses.

Boutique Transformation

Client: Sarah Collins, Boutique Owner
Location: London, UK
Project: Complete Shopfront Redesign


Sarah’s boutique needed a fresh, modern look to attract more customers and stand out on a busy high street. The existing shopfront was outdated and did not reflect the boutique’s brand identity.


Aluminium Shopfronts provided a bespoke design that included a sleek, powder-coated aluminium frame and large, clear glass panels to create an inviting and contemporary appearance.

The installation was carried out efficiently with minimal disruption to Sarah’s business.


  • Increased Foot Traffic: The new shopfront attracted more passersby, significantly increasing foot traffic.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: The modern design aligned perfectly with the boutique’s brand, improving its overall image.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Sarah received numerous compliments from customers, boosting her confidence and satisfaction.

Cafe Revamp

Client: Mark Rogers, Cafe Manager
Location: Castleton, UK
Project: Installation of Bi-Folding Doors


Mark wanted to create a more open and airy atmosphere in his cafe to enhance the customer experience, especially during the summer months. The existing doors were cumbersome and did not allow for easy ventilation.


We installed bi-folding doors made from durable aluminium, which could be fully opened to merge the indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. The doors were designed to be lightweight yet strong, ensuring ease of use and longevity.


  • Improved Ambiance: The bi-folding doors created a more inviting and spacious environment.
  • Increased Revenue: The improved ambiance attracted more customers, leading to a noticeable increase in revenue.
  • Operational Efficiency: The staff found the doors easy to operate, which streamlined their daily routines.

Retail Store Enhancement

Client: Emma Thomas, Retail Store Owner
Location: Carlisle, UK
Project: Sliding Door Installation


Emma’s retail store needed an update to its entrance to improve accessibility and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

The existing entrance was outdated and did not facilitate easy access for all customers.


We installed automatic sliding doors made from high-quality aluminium, ensuring both durability and modern design.

The doors were fitted with sensors to provide hands-free access, enhancing convenience for customers.


  • Enhanced Accessibility: The automatic sliding doors made the store more accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities.
  • Modern Look: The sleek design of the doors gave the store a contemporary and professional appearance.
  • Customer Feedback: Emma received positive feedback from customers appreciating the improved accessibility and modern design.

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