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At Aluminium Shopfronts, we specialise in providing high-quality aluminium storefront doors across the UK.

We cater to a variety of commercial buildings, including retail shops, offices, schools, hospitals, and apartment buildings.

Our range of doors is designed to suit different needs and aesthetics.

Regarding installation, our team ensures a seamless process, working efficiently to minimise disruption to your business operations.

These aluminium commercial doors are known for their durability and reliability, providing enhanced security and insulation for various commercial settings.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary entrance for a modern office building or a functional solution for a busy retail space, our aluminium doors are versatile and customisable to fit your requirements.

The suppliers go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service, from initial consultation to final installation.

This ensures that your experience is hassle-free and satisfactory.

Commercial buildings of all types can benefit from the advantages of aluminium doors, enhancing the property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

From enhancing a retail shop’s kerb appeal to improving hospital energy efficiency, these doors offer a practical solution with a touch of style.

Aluminium Storefront Door Costs

The average cost of aluminium storefront doors is 3000-£4000.

The average prices of aluminium storefront doors can vary significantly depending on several factors.

The main factors that can impact the price include:

  • The size of the entrance
  • Design specifications
  • Additional features, such as thermal barriers and security options

The size of the entrance plays a crucial role in determining the cost, as larger doors require more materials.

Design specifications, such as customised finishes or unique hardware, can add to the final price.

Factors like including advanced security features or energy-efficient options like thermal barriers can significantly impact the overall cost.

While these additions may come at an initial higher cost, they provide long-term benefits in terms of improved security and energy efficiency, making them cost-effective in the long run.

Benefits of Aluminium Storefront Doors

Aluminium Storefront Doors offer a multitude of benefits for businesses.

Aluminium doors offer many benefits, including enhanced security, superior energy efficiency, and a sleek, aesthetically appealing design that can be customized to meet specific needs.

We have provided more information on the advantages of aluminium doors below.

Durability and Strength

One of the key benefits of Aluminium Storefront Doors is their exceptional durability and strength, which make them ideal for high-traffic areas in commercial settings.

Aluminium’s robust nature provides long-term resilience and security for commercial doors, ensuring they can withstand daily use’s constant wear and tear.

These doors are particularly suitable for commercial buildings that experience frequent foot traffic, such as retail stores, office buildings, and airports.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium Storefront Doors are known for low maintenance requirements, offering reliable performance in residential and commercial buildings.

One key feature contributing to aluminium storefront doors’ low maintenance is their resistance to rust and corrosion.

This durability ensures that the doors stay in top condition even in harsh weather conditions, requiring minimal upkeep over time.

The ease of cleaning and long-term cost savings make them popular for property owners looking for hassle-free solutions.

With aluminium storefront doors, you can enjoy both aesthetic appeal and practicality without needing regular maintenance.

Customisable Design

Aluminium storefront doors can be highly customized to match the aesthetic appeal of any business.

A wide range of colours and finishes, including RAL colours, are available for selection.

This level of customisation allows businesses to align their storefront doors with their unique brand image.

Whether a company desires a sleek modern look or a more traditional style, the various design options cater to a wide range of preferences.

The availability of powder-coated finishes further enhances the visual attractiveness of these doors, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the overall appearance of the business and stand out in a captivating way.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a significant benefit of aluminium storefront doors, which often incorporate thermal barriers and advanced insulation systems to enhance thermal performance.

Thermal barriers are crucial in reducing heat transfer between different environments, such as inside and outside a building.

By creating a barrier that minimises the flow of heat, thermal efficiency is significantly improved, leading to lower energy consumption.

In addition, the advanced insulation systems integrated into aluminium storefront doors further contribute to maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, thereby reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.

This enhances the overall comfort within the building and results in substantial cost savings on energy bills.

Types of Aluminium Storefront Doors

Several types of aluminium doors are available, each designed to meet different functionality and aesthetic requirements for commercial entrance doors.

Hinged Doors

Hinged Doors are a common choice for commercial entrances. They offer a secure design that can be tailored to the business’s specific security needs.

One key advantage of hinged doors is their ability to easily work together with high-security locks and access control systems, providing an additional layer of protection for the premises.

This makes them a popular choice for businesses prioritising security without compromising functionality.

Hinged doors are known for their durability and reliability, making them suitable for high-traffic areas.

Their simple yet effective design ensures smooth operation and easy access for employees and visitors.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors are favoured for their automatic opening feature, which enhances accessibility and provides a modern, streamlined look for commercial entrances.

One of the key benefits of sliding doors is their space-saving design.

Unlike traditional doors that swing open, sliding doors glide smoothly along a track, requiring minimal floor space.

This feature is especially advantageous in tight or confined areas where every inch counts.

In high-traffic areas, sliding doors excel due to their efficient operation. Their automatic opening and closing mechanism helps manage large crowds seamlessly, ensuring smooth flow without congestion.

Integrating sliding doors with access control systems adds an extra layer of security and convenience.

Businesses can regulate entry and exit while tracking movements by connecting these doors to electronic access controls, such as keycard readers or biometric scanners.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold Doors are an excellent option for high-value retail locations.

They offer a flexible and visually appealing entrance that maximizes the use of glazing systems.

Their unique folding mechanism allows for a wide opening without intruding into the shop space, making them ideal for shops with limited entryway space.

The sleek design of bi-fold doors adds a modern touch to the shop front, attracting customers with their sophisticated appearance.

Along with their practicality, bi-fold doors also provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas, creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

This versatility in functionality and aesthetic appeal makes them popular for retail displays and shop fronts.

Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors provide an effective thermal system for buildings, minimising energy loss while allowing visitors to enter and exit smoothly and continuously.

These specially designed doors not only help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by reducing air infiltration, thus lowering heating and cooling costs, but they also enhance a building’s overall energy efficiency.

By offering a convenient and hassle-free flow of foot traffic, revolving doors are ideal for large commercial buildings and high-traffic areas where constant visitors or employees enter and exit throughout the day.

Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors are designed to enhance accessibility and user safety.

They incorporate integrated safety features that ensure smooth, hands-free operation for all users.

These doors play a crucial role in providing easy access for individuals with disabilities, elderly people, parents with prams, and anyone with full hands.

Not only do they facilitate convenient entry and exit, but they also contribute to the overall efficiency of a building by reducing congestion during peak hours and improving traffic flow.

The advanced technology used in automatic doors, such as motion, infrared, and pressure sensors, allows for a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Which Type of Aluminium Storefront Door is Best for Your Business?

Choosing the best type of aluminium storefront door for your business depends on several factors.

This includes the specific functionality required, security options needed, and the overall design aesthetics of your commercial space.

Regarding security, different types of aluminium doors offer varying levels of protection.

For instance, hinged aluminium doors are known for their sturdiness and are ideal for high-security areas.

On the other hand, sliding aluminium doors provide a sleek look and ease of access but may require additional security features.

Accessibility is another crucial aspect to consider. Automatic aluminium doors are perfect for businesses seeking convenience, especially for customers with mobility challenges.

Energy efficiency is also a key consideration, with insulated aluminium doors helping to reduce heat loss and decrease electricity costs in the long run.


Aluminium storefront doors offer a range of benefits that make them a superior choice for various commercial applications.

They provide durability, energy efficiency, and customisable designs tailored to any business’s needs.

Aluminium doors are sturdy and highly resistant to corrosion and weather elements, ensuring they maintain their sleek appearance over time.

Their energy-efficient properties help businesses save on heating and cooling costs, contributing to long-term cost savings.

Customising these doors allows businesses to showcase their unique branding and style, making a lasting impression on customers.

The aesthetic appeal of aluminium storefront doors adds a modern touch to commercial spaces, enhancing the overall look and feel of the entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Aluminium Storefront Doors a popular choice for businesses?

Aluminium Storefront Doors are a popular choice among businesses due to their versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

They are also energy-efficient, helping businesses save on heating and cooling costs.

Can Aluminium Storefront Doors be customised?

Aluminium Storefront Doors can be customised to fit a business’s specific needs and preferences.

Customisation options include colour, finish, hardware, and glass type.

This allows businesses to create a unique and personalised look for their storefront.

Do Aluminium Storefront Doors offer security for businesses?

Aluminium storefront doors are known for their strength and durability, making them a secure business option.

For added protection, they can also be fitted with additional security features, such as reinforced glass and multiple locking points.

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